The "GATTI & FRIGERIO s.r.l." has been operating in metal sheet laser cutting for over thirty years offering quality and precision machining on behalf of third parties.

The acquisition and development of increasingly advanced technologies has enabled us to further increase and improve our quality of work and production.

With facilities of 7,000 square meters and a staff of technicians and highly motivated and qualified operators, the GATTI & FRIGERIO is a leader company in this field.

Our laser cutting machines are up to date with the latest innovations in the industry and are in continuous technological renewal thus following the market needs.


  • Precision
  • Quality
  • Rapidity
  • Low costs



  • Tube and Metal Sheet laser cutting in stainless steel ,iron, aluminum ,copper ,titanium etc.
  • Bending
  • TIG MIG robotic welding
  • TIG MIG manual welding
  • Assembly
  • Finishing



  • Shelving for research laboratories
  • Gates, railings and canopies or roofing
  • Washing tunnel
  • Facilities for packaging machines
  • Facilities for large buildings
  • Light carpentry in general
  • We also work with outside companies to provide a finished product


The Gatti e Frigerio also offers the customers all the knowledge and the technical notions of our technical department and of our highly qualified staff , ready to solve and propose solutions tailored to your needs.


During the cutting process, the energy, which is absorbed by the material in the area where the laser beam is focused, will be transformed into heat.

This heat causes locally a rapid rising of the piece temperature ; the fusion of the interaction zone produces the creation of a hole that, with the aid of the process gas, causes the expulsion of the material.



Integrations with automatic movement system and power management bring the laser cutting to a lot of applications and advantages:


  • Cutting capacity independent of materials hardness
  • Complex cuts capacity

  • Possibility of cutting already covered materials

  • Minimum deformation of the material

  • Clean tube system , minimum internal diameter 15mm.

  • Cutting Boards tight and parallel

  • The sizes of the laser beam (about 0.4 mm) allow to obtain very small cutting removals compared to the methods obtained with traditional tools

  • As to quality purposes , we can obtain objects that do not require further processing, even with complex geometries

  • The most important figure, compared to traditional cutting techniques, is the high speed. Such speed will depend upon the type of material, the thickness and the power used.
  • Another key figure is the ductility of the components in the assembly phase, since you can intervene at any time with any changes, not compromising the result and the final price, thus having a strong reduction of the production costs.



The areas where the laser cutting tube finds a good applications are:


  • liquids and powders transport systems
  • suction and air treatment systems

  • systems in the food industry

  • Furniture

  • Urban Furniture
  • Industrial furniture
  • Sport furniture/Heating

  • Automotive industry
  • General mechanics construction: chassis, machines etc.
  • Hydraulic and naval industry
  • Oil industry


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